We are a newly-established | small local homecare organization with a passion for providing high-quality care. We have a great reputation among our clients | their families | and the healthcare providers we closely work with. The amazing staff we have onboard and the relationships we develop with our clients and their families have earned us this reputation. Our employees go above and beyond to the maximum every day to give the kind of care and assistance that we would want for our own loved ones.
Standard Home-Care Providers has maintained its reputation as a well-respected | high-quality home care service in the community by working with integrity and empathy. Many families benefit from our elder care services. We are registered in over five countries as homemaker and companion care service providers. We make it easy to care for elderly relatives | allowing families to spend more time together.

Our Principles

We are committed to providing high-quality care and support to our community’s elderly and vulnerable individuals in their own homes | when and how they want it. We work on 5 major principles and strive to implement them in all our day-to-day dealings. These are Efficiency | Integrity | Compassion | Fairness | and Professionalism.
We aim to be as efficient and convenient as possible to ensure the very best experience | and we believe in holding our integrity and treating everyone with honesty and truthfulness.
Moreover | we’re driven by our love for helping people | working with compassion | treating everyone equally | and dealing with fairness in all of our proceedings. Lastly |
we provide a hassle-free experience and a high level of professionalism that our clients deserve.

What We Do

Every year | millions of seniors are able to age in own place, – and – thanks to home care. Rather than transferring to an assisted living facility or a nursing home | seniors can stay in their own homes | where they are the happiest and most comfortable.

Standard Home-Care Providers understands the value of senior care like no one else. We make senior care possible for older persons across the United States as one of the country’s most trusted home care services. Our senior in-home care services make daily life safer and more pleasurable for elders | allowing them to enjoy their golden years in the comfort of their own homes.

Our Vision / Mission

Our mission at Standard Home-Care Providers is simple. We want to make eldercare as pleasant and joyful as possible for loved ones who choose to age at home. Simultaneously | we want to provide home care for the elderly as simple and stress-free as possible for families.
Every client receives a personalized care plan when it comes to senior care. Your local home care organization will create a detailed care plan tailored to your loved one’s specific needs and living circumstances. This allows us to deliver assistance where it is most needed.
We work closely with families every step of the way when coordinating care. Once care begins | we maintain contact with family members to keep them informed. We’re with you every step of the way.